Accepted Papers

Full Papers

  1. Hoan Nguyen Mau Quoc, Martin Serrano, John G. Breslin and Danh Le Phuoc. A learning approach for query planning on spatio-temporal IoT data
  2. Maria Grammatopoulou, Aris Kanellopoulos and Kyriakos Vamvoudakis. A Multi-step and Resilient Predictive Q-learning Algorithm for IoT: A Case Study in Water Supply Networks
  3. Le Tuan Anh, Conor Hayes, Marcin Wylot and Danh Le Phuoc. RDF4Led: An RDF engine for Lightweight Edge Devices
  4. Farshid Salemi Parizi, Josh Fromm, Shantanu Deshpande and Shwetak Patel. RoyalFlush: Non-Invasive Water Level Monitor to Prevent Toilet Overflows
  5. Victor Charpenay, Sebastian Käbisch and Harald Kosch. Semantic Data Integration on the Web of Things
  6. Kristina Sahlmann and Thomas Schwotzer. Ontology-based Virtual IoT Devices for Edge Computing
  7. Sandro Rodriguez Garzon, Sebastian Walther, Shaoning Pang, Bersant Deva and Axel Küpper. Urban Air Pollution Alert Service for Smart Cities
  8. Karamjit Kaur, Matt Selway, Alan Johnston, Georg Grossmann and Markus Stumptner. Towards an Open-standards based Framework for achieving Condition-based Predictive Maintenance
  9. Li Duan, Yong Li and Lijun Liao. Flexible CRL for efficient authentication in IoT
  10. Chandra Krintz, Rich Wolski, Nevena Golubovic and Fatih Bakir. Estimating Outdoor Temperature from CPU Temperature for IoT Applications in Agriculture
  11. Konrad Diwold, Simon Mayer, Ralf Mosshammer, Jack Hodges, Darko Anicic, Alfred Einfalt and Josiane Xavier Parreira. Grid Watch Dog: A Stream Reasoning Approach for Lightweight SCADA Functionality in Low-Voltage Grids
  12. Phu H. Nguyen, Phu H. Phung and Hong-Linh Truong. A Security Policy Enforcement Framework for Controlling IoT Tenant Applications in the Edge
  13. Jacky Bourgeois, Gerd Kortuem and Fahim Kawsar. Trusted and GDPR-Compliant Research with the Internet of Things
  14. Young-Ho Suh, Sung-Pil Woo and Dong-Hwan Park. SLICE : Self-Learnable Common IoT Software Engine
  15. Mohammad Hasanzadeh Mofrad and Daniel Mosse. Speech Recognition and Voice Separation for the Internet of Things
  16. Paul Giura and Trevor Jim. Sapphire: Using network gateways for IoT security
  17. Sathiya Kumaran Mani, Ramakrishnan Durairajan, Paul Barford and Joel Sommers. An Architecture for IoT Clock Synchronization
  18. Markel Iglesias-Urkia, Diego Casado-Mansilla, Simon Mayer and Aitor Urbieta. Enhanced publish/subscribe in CoAP: Describing advanced subscription mechanisms for the Observe extension
  19. Waqar Asif, Indranil Ghosh Ray and Muttukrishnan Rajarajan. An Attack Tree Based Risk Evaluation Approach For The Internet of Things


Short Papers

  1. Vijay Kanade. A Bio-Inspired Unsupervised Algorithm for Deploying [BoT]*
  2. Sergio Trilles, Alberto González-Pérez and Joaquín Huerta Guijarro. A IoT proposal for monitoring vineyards called SEnviro for agriculture
  3. Mehdi Karimibiuki and Andre Ivanov. MiniCloud: A Mini Storage and Query Service for Local Heterogeneous IoT Devices
  4. Sourav Dutta and Sheheeda Manakkadu. On efficient resource allocation in the Internet of Things environment
  5. Maxime Lefrançois. RDF Presentation and Correct Content Conveyance for Legacy Services and the Web of Things
  6. Rahul Majethia and Krishnan Rajkumar. Mining Channel State Information from Bluetooth Low Energy RSSI for Robust Object-to-Object Ranging