Construction 1 SE

Starting with the survey of built spaces and representing the results in a hand-drawn plan the first part of this seminar is centered around the basic perception and drawn representation of three-dimensional space. In a next step recreating drawings of well-known architecture this is refining this by focussing on different scales and plan-contents. A subsequent part of this seminar deals with constructive and technological refinement of an architectural design by dealing with basic relationships between material, construction, form, space and architectural design.  Technological Support for many aspects of this seminar can be found in the lectures Construction 1a and 1b

In this course students learn on one hand basic skills in technical drawings and an understanding of drawings in different scales. On the other hand they understand and apply the basic relationships between material, construction, space, form and architectural design.

This seminar is closely related to ‘Construction 1 Orientation’ (which is part of the STEOP as of winter 2017).