Form and Design 2 SE

Based on the architectural skills, gained in Form and Design 1SE, students in this seminar develop a deeper understanding of the formation and organisation of space. Main task of this seminar is an individual architectural housing design. In a series of preliminary steps Students reflect the spatial depiction of their personal living habits as well as develop an analogy, where personal memories of space are communicated in an atmospheric description. As a next step they start developing a story of fictional users for the new design project, upon which a space program within limited parameters is developed. In this project students also learn to work with a real building site and have to present their work in front of guest critics.  This seminar is accompanied by support and Inputs for model-building and layouting.

After this course students are aware of the complex relationships, that architecture, designing and building form. They have acquired a basic knowledge of functional relationships in architecture and organization of space respecting requirements from human needs and environmental conditions. They are aware of form, space, topography, structure, light and color in designs and are able to recognize and formulate these architectural qualities.
They can develop simple designs and have acquired communication skills to defend their ideas and designs.