• Handwerkstätten – freely accessible workshops – can be used anytime
  • Kleinmaschinenwerkstatt – to be unsed only after completing the Machineintroduction!
  • Maschinenwerkstatt and CNC-Mill – machines operated only by our technicians (please ask technicians / instiute)
  • 3D printer – tu be used only after introduction

For using the workshops it is obligatory to observe these safety rules (Sicherheitsrichtlinien)
Sicherheitsrichtlinien (PDF)

Plan of Workshops

Opening Hours

Machine Introduction (Sicherheitsunterweisung)

required for using the “Kleinmaschinenwerkstatt”
consists of two obligatory parts:

1. theoretic lecture
registration via email at: mbw.koen[at]

2. practical part (on the machines)
Lists wil be available at the lecture.

Participants have to sign a list after completing each of the two parts.
After successfully completing these a workshop card is issued, which is valid for one year

For consumables and wear out of machines we will charge a financial contribution of 15€ per year / 8€ per semester

Machine Introduction (Sicherheitsunterweisung) – next lectrues [link]


What can the CNC be used for?

  1. terrain models
    • with pockets for buildings
    • as a negative form for cast models
  2. formworks
  3. freeforms

What the CNC shouldn’t be used for:

  1. simple geometric volumes
  2. city models on flat terrain

Which materials can be milled?

  • wood (plywood, MDF,…)
  • Foams (XPS, PU hard foam, EPS, …)

What is needed?

  1. for formworks a formwork plan
  2. You need to arrange the workpieces starting in the lower left corner.
  3. You need to arrange the unmachined parts according to the workpieces.
  4. 3d-models must be carefully constructed
    • no undercuts
    • no ‚naked edges‘
    • no blocks
  5. Raw Material
    • a list of the unmachined parts (lxhxb) for us to cut them for you
    • a layer with all unmachined parts in Rhino
    • lower left corner on (0,0,0)
  6. all contours as planar Curves on x,y plane(layered)
  7. Gaps between workpieces must be at least 15mm.
  8. Final files must be handed in 14 days before milling.

You can get further information from our sample file(German):

What do I have to do?

Its your job tho provide the raw material.
You have to provide us proper files.(calculate some time for correction)
Be present during file preparation.
During milling you have to be present to watch over the process.

Please provide a short report about the finished model, including a short report and a lsit of tools that were used.
Please use the following interactive template (in German). in order to use its full functionality open in Adobe Reader.

Model-Report – please download interactive PDF

Please don’t hestitate to contact us, if you have any further questions.

email model workshop: mbw.koen[at]
+43 316 873 1648