(DE) A Different Spin on Insulation

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A Different Spin on Insulation
Illustrated ideas on sustainable retrofitting in New Zealand.

Masterarbeit von Laura Feller
Eingereicht: 2021


This book aims to be a display of my work and experience in New Zealand expressed, both in words and drawings.
A trip for the Research Abroad Program to work on my master thesis turned into a journey to the roots of sheep wool, sustainable building materials and beyond. The approach of my research was to learn from converstions with locals, books and through my sketchbook. My stay was extended due to Covid19 travel restrictions and has led to an even deeper confrontation with the topic. Furthermore, I had the chance to meet many people involved either in the building or the sheep industry here in New Zealand and share my thoughts and vision with them.

This is not just a master thesis.
This is an immediate call for action for architects and everyone involved with the building sector to tackle climate change.

Masterarbeit von Laura Feller