Beginners Workshop 2016

Workshop für incoming architecture students 3. – 5. October 2016

Final presentation + party  |  5.10.2016  |  18:00h   |  Große Halle Kronesgasse 5
an exhibition of the work and a small celebration



Imagine you’re a pioneer and your task is to establish ownership of the lecture room at Kronesgasse 5. Over the course of three days, in small groups of around 20 people,  you will build a small unit, a private space. From the second day onwards, all structures being built should become one big structure and make contact with the neighbouring structures to become one settlement.

Beginners’ Workshop of the KOEN Institute of the TU Graz

Students start their degree in architecture at the TU Graz with a 3-day multidisciplinary workshop organised by the KOEN Institute. The workshop has a different assignment each year and takes places at varying locations. The goal of the workshop is to actively register the space, name it and understand its spatial context through observation, making notes and sketches and identifying its borders. This provides immediate experience that is directly related to architecture though communal realisation and organisation and the development and building in a focused environment as a team. Using the techniques of LOW TECH PROTOTYPING and CROWDCONTRUCTING, about 150 students of the TU Graz will build a sculpture or space in the big hall in the faculty of Architecture at the Kronessgasse over a period of three days and with it, own the space.

Working in teams the students cut out, fold and glue together pieces of cardboard and assemble them into an installation. LOW TECH PROTOTYPING and CROWDSOURCING make creative creations possible.


refers tot he process of delegating the task of contructing something to a group of people, this includes the design process, the planning and the contrucion. The term is related to crowdsourcing.

Low Tech Prototyping

A term that covers a number of processes to produce oversized paper sculptures and modells quickly and cheaply. The term criticizes the expensive and spatially limited rapid protoyping process.



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