Tongji Construction Festival 2017

2nd Place for Team KOEN | TU Graz:
Anagnostopoulos Robert | Figlmüller Tobias | Kummer Johannes | Mayr Angelika | Wurnitsch Desiree

For the second time a Team from TU Graz participates at the „International Construction Festival 2017“ of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, TONGJI UNIVERSITY, Shanghai.

Within five days students had to design and build a pavilion for a „Micro Community“

The project „Pcubed: ply-polypropylene“ was inspired by the structural principle of plywood. Because of the asymmetric structure of the polypropylene sheets the Team combined 3 cross-wise layers of the material to enhance its structural abilities. Based on this principle the construction was built up by interlocking sheets of polypropylene in order to form a strong and continuously watertight structure. All gaps from sheet-joints were covered by at least one other layer of the material.

The design is based on the archetype of a house with a gabled roof. The building is cut length-wise and one half is moved longitudinally and elongated. This intervention creates a continuous transition from a public space to a private interior. The building is lit through the translucent material and can be cross-ventilated through the openings on both short sides.

In order to be as sustainable as possible the project from TU Graz produced almost no waste by avoiding left-over pieces by design.

Participants from more than 60 Teams from over 20 International and Chinese universities, in total approx. 500 students worked at the Tongji University’s City Campus

The KOEN-Team’s efforts were awarded with the 2nd Prize

Tutors KOEN-Institute: Wolfgang List | Daniel Schürr

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