513.160 Microelectronics and Micromechanics






Student projects


Student projects

Every student must contribute something that will improve the course for students in the future. Anything that you think will help other students is possible.

    Possible projects
  • Make a study guide: For each of the sections in the outline, make a 1-2 page summary of important facts that the students should know for the exam. This project could involve more students.
  • A goal of the course is to enable students to read a recent scientific paper on microelectronics or micromechanics and be able to explain it. Find some recently published fabrication process and explain it to the other students.
  • Some students work at a semiconductor company and are experts on a certain device or process. It would be useful for them to write a description or video about this device or process.
  • Make a cut-out foldable model like the one in Appendix A of Franssila but draw the atoms on the surfaces.
  • We are making a list of materials properties. The most complete example we have is of silicon. Add some materials properties of silicon or make a similar page for SiC, GaAs, SiO2, SiNx, or GaN.