Form and Design 1 SE

This seminar is the first introduction into architectural design. Students learn basic concepts and tools of architectural production and learn different approaches of designing as well as representing their works.
It comprises of a series of practical design exercises in volume, form, space, scale, movement, urban space and topography, structure and form, light and colour and their relations to material and construction.

In their application and analysis students confront themselves with elementary questions of formation, function and organisation of space in interaction with its immediate surroundings. This seminar is also about the reflection of politico-economic and social parameters as well as the role of architecture as an expression of social and cultural ideas.
Students keep record of the entire 1st and 2nd semester in a sketchbook used across different courses at the faculty and get introduced into building architectural models.

In this course students learn to develop simple design tasks using hand drawn sketches and plans as well as modelling techniques. They also present their works using visual presentation methods. The regular drawing of sketches throughout this course trains the perceptual abilities of students. At the end of this course students are able to create, develop and present three-dimensional spaces.

This seminar is closely related to ‘Form and Design Orientation’ (which is part of the STEOP as of winter 2017).