PHY.K02UF Molecular and Solid State Physics

Crystal physics

Many of the physical properties of solids are described by tensors. For instance, when force is applied to a piece of rubber in the x direction, compresses in the x direction but expands in the y and z directions. Crystal physics is the study of the tensor properties of crystals and how these properties are related to the symmetries of the crystals.

Kittel chapter 3: Elastic constants and Elastic waves
An Introduction to Crystal Physics Ervin Hartmann
Thermodynamische Eigenschaften von Festkörpern: Appendix F in Festkörperphysik, R. Gross und A. Marx (Available to TU Graz students through the TU Graz library).

Table of crystal classes in 3-D
Kristallsymmetrie und Punktgruppen - Erklärung - Wir versuchen in diesem Video die grundlegenden Elemente der Kristallsymmetrie, deren Nomenklatur und die Mathematik dahinter zu erklären.
Table of crystal classes in 2-D (pdf)
Crystal physics, Johann Potoschnig 2011
Matlab code: Input elements of generating matrices, Generates group elements from generating matrices, Transform rank 2 tensors (matrices), Transform rank 3 tensors, View saved matrices, Download matlab files (zip).
SGTE data for pure elements - The Gibbs energy as a function of temperature for many elements.